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Goodbye KnowHope, hello inHope

Yearlong redesign of new website officially launched Monday   As many students now know, Hope has decided to leave KnowHope behind and create something a little different called inHope. The new website, in.hope.edu, became the new official website for students, staff and faculty on Monday. It includes many new features that make it easier to…


Hope College, can you dig it?

  After decades of not officially having one and settling for the fun and thrill of intramural sports, a remarkable group of guys here at Hope College have decided to come together to start a Men’s volleyball club. Still in its preliminary stages, the Hope Men’s volleyball club is pioneered by Travis Wallace (’18), Jon…


Rough waters for US swimmers

  Summer 2016 brought the world to Brazil as many nations competed for glory in the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The Olympics are always surrounded with some form of controversy, usually regarding the city or country they’re in and the economic or ecological capabilities of the home country. However, at the end of the…

10 shows to binge watch this fall

1. Gilmore Girls With the reboot T-minus 86 days away, this is a must-watch on Netflix. This 90 minute, four part series comes nine years after the series finale. The seven-season show follows Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and their unlikely mother-daughter friendship through the ups and downs of life, which includes estranged family, dating, high…

all sons and daughters

Concerts for the music lover’s soul

  Every person passionate about music should be pumped for the concert line-up this semester at Hope College, which will include a wide range of incredibly talented musicians. The Concert Series, hosted by the Student Activities Committee, consistently brings in artists that both cater to what students are interested in and challenge the music students…