Hobbies? In Adulthood?

Have you ever taken a look at yourself in the mirror and realized you need more hobbies?My reflection dropped that lovely truth bomb on me a couple months ago and since then I havebeen on a self-motivated and difficult journey of finding out what it is I actually like to do.As a growing child you…


“The Hope Difference”

Written by: Emily Damstra (‘23) Hope College promotes the slogan: “The Hope Difference.” Hope’s website gives the definition of the difference as “the rigorous Christian academics and Christian community prepare Hope grads for a life of leadership and service.” As I am a senior preparing to graduate this May, I have thought about what has…


Snow Days in College?

Let me paint you a picture of my view out of the window on the first floor in Martha Miller. 2pm. I just walked to class with my fur hood all the way up, winter hat underneath, knee length coat zipped to the top, $20 black fashion boots that double as winter boots laced up…