Race: A lie and idol?

An African, conservative philosopher and a white, liberal race and Christianity professor talking about race and racism: nothing else is more intriguing, am I right? The Saint Benedict Institute brought this event to Hope College to demonstrate what a healthy, respectful conversation looks like between two drastically opposed individuals. This comes at a time where…


A response to Hope MSO leaders

Dear Unified Student Leaders, Thank you for your recent letter regarding the conversation surrounding commencement stoles representing student organizations. We appreciate the numerous voices gathering together in one accord to express your grievances, and we deeply lament the concerns of the voices who felt they could not be named for fear of repercussions. The voices…


An open letter from Hope MSO leaders

This letter was written on March 27, 2021 to Dean Frost, President Scogin, Dr. Trent-Brown and Dr. Griffin on the behalf of leaders from various Hope Multicultural Student Organizations (MSO). Since the time it was sent, Hope administrators have decided to allow custom stoles at the 2021 graduation ceremony, citing a miscommunication for the delay…