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A not-so-simple discourse: Drs. Jantzen and Kambo on race, racism and anti-racism

The Jack Miller Center was especially bustling last Wednesday, September 8, as students and faculty piled into the auditorium to hear a much-anticipated collaboration between two respected Hope professors. Moderated by President Matt Scogin, Philosophy Professor Kevin Kambo and Center for Ministry Studies Professor Matt Jantzen sat anxiously on the stage, awaiting the event to…


Remembering 9/11 and looking to the future: Faculty perspectives on Afghanistan

The United States Armed Forces completed withdrawal efforts from Afghanistan on Monday, August 30, ending an occupation that lasted over twenty years and cost over $2 trillion and over 170,000 lives. The withdrawal, enacted by the Trump administration and continued by the Biden administration, was forced to hastily end as the Taliban — the Islamist…


“A heartbreaking situation”: Student perspectives on the U.S. war in Afghanistan

The United States Armed Forces finished their withdrawal efforts from Kabul, Afghanistan late on the night of Monday, August 30, effectively ending a two-decade-long occupation that began in response to Al Qaeda’s terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The occupation, which cost over $2 trillion and over 170,000 lives, was ended by the Doha Agreement,…