Articles by Sarah Downing

A call for understanding

I have seen enough Facebook posts and heard enough conversations about how people need to stop whining. Stop overreacting. Stop talking about this election and move on. I have read that America needs to try and understand the Trump supporters. I can see where our priorities differ and where their background may have influenced their…

Markets & Morality means business

The Knickerbocker Theatre hosted a showing of the film sponsored by Markets & Morality. “Poverty Inc.” last Thursday as part of The Big Read. The film was made by the Action Institute (a think-tank based in Michigan, which promotes free enterprise in a Christian framework) and questions whether aid organizations help or hurt the fight…


Hope College students rally for relay

Hope College students participated in Relay for Life this past Friday and Saturday for a wonderful night of remembrance and resilience. A total 32 teams and 710 participants worked together to raise $61,314.95. The top participants (based on dollars raised individually) were Andrew Bennet (’17), Brenden Merriman (‘17) and Diane Portfleet (of the English Department)….


Homecoming welcomes back alumni

Fall is a season of changing leaves, new beginnings and celebration. There are many fall events to look forward to at Hope College; the Pull has come and gone with glorious victory, Nykerk Cup preparation is in full-swing and this weekend students and alumni can look forward to Homecoming. Throughout the weekend, stop by the…