Hope College, can you dig it?


BLOCK THIS — From Left to Right- Noah Rachor (’17), Jon Chiczewski (’18) and Sean Cushman (’16) pose. Its exciting to see how Intramural Volleyball goes with the new Volleyball Club. (Photo by Emily Zoller)


After decades of not officially having one and settling for the fun and thrill of intramural sports, a remarkable group of guys here at Hope College have decided to come together to start a Men’s volleyball club. Still in its preliminary stages, the Hope Men’s volleyball club is pioneered by Travis Wallace (’18), Jon Chiczewski (’18), Quinn Humphrey (’18) and Jean Luc Miralda (’17).

These gentlemen decided to form this club as an opportunity to have fun with a good group of guys, practice and improve together and, mainly just to play the game that they all enjoy. They are also open to people who might not necessarily be the best volleyball players, because they believe that a good attitude and the willingness to play and enjoy the time is all that matters.
“We just want to get the word out there, and have a good time with a good group of guys and play volleyball. We want to be able to play other clubs from different places and schools nearby, like Calvin, and that would be a good way to meet new people as well,” said Chiczewski, a former high school volleyball player and one of the people who formed the club.

Chiczewski was first approached by Humphrey who had the idea for the club and they found other people like Wallace and Miralda who both have a history of playing volleyball before coming to Hope. Through this shared interest the Men’s volleyball club was formed. Like most clubs and societies here on Hope’s campus, each one has a Staff advisor, someone who lends a helping hand. This cause it’s no different, and no better candidate stepped up to the task than Coach Becky Schmidt. Jon had nothing but good things to say about Coach Schmidt being a great resource to them. “Coach Schmidt is also available to help in any way she can. That’s the great thing about her; she loves volleyball and she’s there to help us if we ever need anything”. With the success of the school volleyball team, its clear that Coach Schmidt is a good person to have on your side.

Currently setting the framework and the tentative schedule around how the club will work, the volleyball club hopes to be able to get its current members, and interested future members, practicing about two or three times in a week. That would help the guys get better, and it would also help foster the growth of a cohesive unit. “We know we aren’t going to be that great at first, but with time, after practicing and really getting out there, we know that this can grow to be something really great” said Chiczewski. Looking towards the future, with this being the first semester that this club will be in place, one can only be excited in seeing the potential for growth among the members, as well as the activities that the volleyball club will be a part of.

On speaking with a lot of alum of the College, one thing some of them are grateful for was and is the ability to be able to start something that still goes on here at Hope. Whether a club, an activity or even a Hope tradition, starting something new is a beautiful thing, and what’s even better, is watching that great thing grow to be something a larger group of people participate in.

Make sure to keep your ear to the ground to learn when and where the Men’s volleyball club will be practicing and playing. Also, look forward to them being added to the Hope Club Sports page, along with some other great student run clubs like Hockey, Rugby and Sailing.

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