Articles by Sarah Mozdren


Organizations supporting world peace: ICAN

On the morning of Oct. 6 in Oslo, Norway, the 2017 No-bel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,also known as ICAN. This is a group of non-governmental organizations from approximately 100 different countries around the world who are campaign-ing to eliminate nuclear weapons. Banning nuclear weapons as an international…


Results and reactions from Kurdish vote

The Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum led to a significant vote in favor of independence to split from Baghdad. At the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) capital, the results from Sept. 25 were announced two days later by officials in Irbil. Precisely 92.73 percent answered “yes” in response to, “Do you want the Kurdistan Region and the…


Heavy expenses from Hurricane Harvey

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RESCUE MISSION — Both President Donald Trump and Melania Trump traveled to the southeast coast of Texas to serve the victims of the flood by aiding with resources and providing encouragement for recovery. (ABC News) “Our whole city is underwater,” Derrick Freeman, the mayor of Port Arthur, Texas, said to news reporters from…