Articles by Hannah Pikaart


H2 Dance Co. hits the stage

WHO AM I? — Choreographers for H2 Dance Company’s fall concert explored the idea of “Identity.” Through the four pieces, the audience is encouraged to ponder questions like “What does it mean to have an identity?” while also enjoying critically acclaimed performances. (Photos by Kelly Ocock) H2 Dance Company’s fall concert at Hope College, opened…

Swift, where u at?

Where is she? Hiding away with her two cats planning an extravagant Christmas for her fans? Is she planning her comeback? Or is she wallowing in self-pity at the very reminder of the Kanye-Kim take down? The reason as of this moment is unexplainable. We do not know where Taylor Swift is or what she…


Indie-folk popularization seen in HCCS

“I started playing the ukulele when I was 12,” John Puttrich (’17) said. He explained that he liked how the instrument was direct—what you are thinking travels through your hands into what you’re playing. Puttrich may have picked up the ukulele for its directness, but others are purchasing the four-string instrument for its popularity with…