Fall musical opens tonight at DeWitt Theatre

Amidst the lull that falls between post-midterm relief and Thanksgiving break, the DeWitt mainstage continues to bustle. Since the third week of school, the students and professors of the theatre department have been working to memorize, arrange and design a production of Steven Sondheim’s classic musical, “Into the Woods.” Opening on Broadway 31 years ago,…


Aliens deliver new, exotic art to Kruizenga

This past weekend, mysterious additions and disappearances were discovered in the Kruizenga Art Museum. None of these additions were scheduled, so workers quickly had to investigate the scene. On Oct. 27, all pieces in the museum appeared normal upon closing. Around midnight that night, surveillance images showed paintings from the Living Traditions collection mysteriously flying…


Music building supposedly haunted

Every year around Halloween, people all over the country get in the spirit of the “spooky season” by playing tricks, staging scares and drinking lots of pumpkin spice lattes. Students on Hope College’s campus are no exception. Many students will decorate their dorms, dress up for parties and eat a little bit more candy than…