Articles by Chloe Bartz


A Slippery Slope

Nothing is more disappointing than fresh powder snow that turns from snow to slush to ice. The snowplow will roar its fury at being pulled from its warm bed at 6am to remove the sugary flakes from the road, and since misery loves company, it will wake us with its ruckus. It is days like…


Into the Swing of Things

Championships are won in the offseason, or at least that is what can be gathered after talking to three of Hope’s softball players. According to Halle Carpenter (’22), diamonds aren’t really a girl’s best friend, but her teammates are. It is their chemistry makes all the difference once they get on the field. She revealed,…


Sold on Sisterhood

 If you have ever had the pleasure of watching the movies Pitch Perfect, Neighbors or Legally Blonde, you are privy to the cinematic depiction of sororities. However, these dramatized displays are nothing close to the tight-knit, philanthropic organizations found on Hope’s campus. Because of the Greek life stereotypes in movies and the media, students on…