Articles by Chloe Bartz

Chloe (’23) was a staff writer for the Campus and Sports sections of the Anchor during the 2019-2020 academic year. A former athlete and yearbook editor at Edwardsburg High School, she stays connected with her passion for sports and the individual student experience by covering them weekly in her articles. Chloe is a biochemistry and English double major with hopes of pursuing a law degree following her time at Hope. In her free time she enjoys working out, volunteering at Renew Therapeutic Riding Center and reading. She is also a writing assistant at the Klooster Writing Center, where she hopes to help infuse her peers with the same enthusiasm and confidence writing has offered her.


Into the Swing of Things

Championships are won in the offseason, or at least that is what can be gathered after talking to three of Hope’s softball players. According to Halle Carpenter (’22), diamonds aren’t really a girl’s best friend, but her teammates are. It is their chemistry makes all the difference once they get on the field. She revealed,…


Sold on Sisterhood

 If you have ever had the pleasure of watching the movies Pitch Perfect, Neighbors or Legally Blonde, you are privy to the cinematic depiction of sororities. However, these dramatized displays are nothing close to the tight-knit, philanthropic organizations found on Hope’s campus. Because of the Greek life stereotypes in movies and the media, students on…


Threads of Hope

Through, around, back. Through, around, back. Through, around and back again. These smooth, methodical motions are not easily recognizable to many born in the 21st century. Despite the art of knitting becoming less common among younger generations, Hope’s own Knitting Club keeps the talent alive and fosters it in new members. In line with the…


The Badmittens

When you hear the word “birdie,” what do you think of? A golf term? A childish reference to an individual of the avian kind? Or are you one of the rare few who immediately associates it with the sport of badminton? For the quartet that makes up one of the four teams in the intramural…


From Dirty to Dancing

From down and dirty to something straight out of “Dirty Dancing,” the Nykerk performance and The Pull competition could not be more different. The two events are long-standing traditions at Hope, but few individuals can claim to have been members of both teams as a result of time commitment and differing interests. While both Nykerk…