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Get out of the Gym

 People say that college is a time for growth. However, what they usually mean by this is a growth of the mind or growth of your horizons, not growth of your waistline. This can be a challenge for many college students as many former athletes are now left with no designated practice times, and even…


The life of Brian Ellis

Brian Ellis (’20), a senior at Hope College who is majoring in business, also runs cross country, track and field and sings in the chorus ensemble. On top of completing his education, he is writing a book, jams out in the music building (even dabbles in writing some music), enjoys a good nighttime sauna and…


From Ashes to Ashes

Ash Wednesday is the most observed Christian service in the world. The number of attendees to services on Ash Wednesday has been recorded to trump both Christmas and Easter services. One Hope student, Cameron Smith (’23), joined the ranks of Christian believers in participating in his first-ever Ash Wednesday service. Upon returning to his dorm,…