Daily Archives: March 2, 2020


An Inside Eye on Hope’s Visual Arts

“I wish I was just an art major,” is a phrase I have heard multiple times throughout Hope College’s campus. Or, similarly, “All you do is draw, I have to do…” It’s quite common for students to ‘one-up’ one another with issues innate to their particular major. In other words, students love to have meaningless…


Put the ‘I’ in Immersion

 One of the benefits of a liberal arts education is the opportunity for students to develop themselves beyond the classroom curriculum specific to their major or minor. For most students, this looks like the completion of the courses listed under “required” to graduate. However, Hope’s statement on Christian identity and the belief that the knowledge…


Behind the Scenes of Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon, which is coming up this weekend, is one of the most highlighted events on Hope’s campus. For those students who are not aware, Dance Marathon is a 24-hour dance competition to raise money for children at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. However, not all students really understand how their money is being used and…