A Slippery Slope

Nothing is more disappointing than fresh powder snow that turns from snow to slush to ice. The snowplow will roar its fury at being pulled from its warm bed at 6am to remove the sugary flakes from the road, and since misery loves company, it will wake us with its ruckus. It is days like those many of us long for the 80 degree, sun shining days of summer — those of us that are not apart of Hope’s ski club, that is. While most people can agree that winter is a prolonged period of cold and darkness, skiers and snowboarders alike live for that fresh powder to frost the ground and offer the perfect conditions for a trip to the nearest slopes.

President of the club, Jamie Barrett (’20) explained the purpose of the ski club as “providing free transportation and discounted tickets for ski resorts around Holland, Michigan. We typically take trips to Cannonsburg or Caberfae and are looking to expand our options to Boyne or Nubs Nob within the next year. The objective of the club is to include anyone interested in skiing and snowboarding, whether it is a first time or something that student has been doing their whole life. We try to make sure the trips are easy to sign up for, cheap and fun! Our goal is to take 5-8 trips each ski season.” They are looking to host lots more events this semester including on February 15th. 

 When asked about the best aspects of the ski club, Barrett replied, “My favorite part of the club in the fall semester is the Warren Miller Movie and Tshirt/Hoodie sales. The movie was really cool, and we were lucky enough to get an exciting design for apparel and a great turn out for sales. However, my favorite part of the winter season is to get everyone out on the slopes. Another great part about the club is our advisor, Matt Margaron. He has been really helpful in getting the club started and advocating for us!” Discounted prices, free transportation and how simple it is to get involved are some of the benefits of being part of the club. Barrett emphasized, “There are no requirements for joining the club. Everything is free and simple. Whenever anyone asks to be added to the email list, they get weekly updates about events that we are hosting. Students can also follow the @hopecollegeskiclub Instagram page. Once you join the club, there is no pressure to come to events, simply when you are available, come!”

 Ski club is not an exclusive winter organization either. Barrett gave assurance that during the fall there are activities such as bonfires and the aforementioned movie. It is much easier to stay in the club without snow than you’d think. For members, this means fun all school year, not just when the sky decides to cooperate! However, the general consensus is, “The more snow, the better!”

Life is 10 percent what happens to you, but 90 percent of what you make of it. The same can be said for winter; only it is 100 percent cold and snowy, but 90 percent of what you do with the weather. Curling up in front of a fire with a good book and hot chocolate is never to be knocked, but there is something to be said for strapping on skis or a snowboard and making the most of the early hours when the snowplow yanked you out of a sweet slumber.


Chloe (’23) was a staff writer for the Campus and Sports sections of the Anchor during the 2019-2020 academic year. A former athlete and yearbook editor at Edwardsburg High School, she stays connected with her passion for sports and the individual student experience by covering them weekly in her articles. Chloe is a biochemistry and English double major with hopes of pursuing a law degree following her time at Hope. In her free time she enjoys working out, volunteering at Renew Therapeutic Riding Center and reading. She is also a writing assistant at the Klooster Writing Center, where she hopes to help infuse her peers with the same enthusiasm and confidence writing has offered her.

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