Daily Archives: April 2, 2019


March Madness takes over campus

Tensions are running high this week as students take to the Pine Grove in protest of the annual March Madness basketball tournament. Over the past few weeks, students have held viewing parties on the weekends in the Bultman Student Center, but some think they have taken it too far. “It’s not fun anymore; it’s just…


Hope engineers propose climate change solution

With rising global temperatures and concern over melting icebergs, political figures around the globe are encouraging creative approaches to solving the world’s climate change crisis. Many businesses are turning to common measures to reduce their ecological footprint: reducing CO2 emissions, pulling plastic from ocean tides, cannibalizing humans to reduce cow consumption and so on. But…


Hope College Pull could save American politics

As polarization and divisive partisan rhetoric erode trust in American democracy, one political science expert has proposed a new way of choosing governing officials, inspired by Hope College’s longstanding tradition known as the Pull. Democratic elections would be replaced by a massive, threehour tug-of-war competition between Democrats and Republicans. The party that holds the most…