Students protest weather changes

Tensions were high at noontime last Sunday after the weather did not cooperate. What was once peaceful chatter and pleas for reasoning quickly boiled over into shouting, insults and displays of violence. “This injustice will not stand!” a student cried out, holding up her DIY protest sign reading “No peace.” Gatherings at the Pine Grove amassed several dozen people before Campus Safety was required to break up the assembly. What stirred students this greatly? The Anchor provides the exclusive details.

Timothy Embertson (’21) made his case quite clear, taping up his sign on a piece of wood. “It’s bogus, man. We just like… it’s gotta happen already. We’re not happy. They know we’re not happy; now what? It can’t be that hard to fix.” Embertson was later arrested, alongside 11 others, for agitation and public indecency charges at the end of the protest. He is currently requesting a GoFundMe page for bail. Things had barely calmed an hour after the completion of the protest. A professor from the political science department, who wished to remain unnamed for fear of safety, had this to say regarding the protest: “I understand it. I really do. But what is the administration supposed to do? It’s been this way for generations, and frankly I don’t see why that needs to change now. It’s just part of life around here, and I wish our students would face it head-on instead. It’s just the weather!” I was asked not to quote any more than that. Temperatures were promised to rise, as evidenced on Friday, reaching 55 degrees. Students rejoiced, making extravagant displays of their good fortune with shorts and even some skirts.

Betrayal was quick at hand, however. Flurries and temperatures of below 30 degrees returned on Sunday, taunting the students who protested against what they believed to be a putdown from the administration. President Voskuil was seen fleeing campus just as the protests commenced. It was clear that the majority were unhappy with the miserable conditions outside. Every story has two sides, however, with some select students posting on social media about the situation. A highly controversial post, “This is ridiculous. It is that Michigan lake effect! There’s no getting around it, and it’s not the admin’s fault!” was quoted from Twitter user @NoDutchAintMuch412. Another post was found on Snapchat from ILikeEmBig_777: “I’m a STEM major, so I know about stuff like this, and Carter Damaska everything else. I can guarantee you 100% that weather manipulation is possible, and Hope’s doing it.” Finally, a theory by Xx_Cook>Phelps_xX on Tumblr reads: “Calvin did it. Fight me Calvin.” The Anchor has yet to get an official response from the administration.

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