Top things to do at Hope during springtime

Spring has sprung! Michiganders everywhere are celebrating the first few weeks of spring with glorious partly cloudy, 40 degree days. Venturing out of hibernation after a chilly winter into the slightly less bitterly cold outdoors is wonderfully refreshing, especially if you happen to be outside for the beautiful ten minutes of sunshine a day. Is there still some snow in the corners of parking lots from the winter snow plows? Maybe. But don’t let that stop you from enjoying the official beginning of spring! Here are just a few ideas for reviving spring activities now that we, for some reason, have permission to head outdoors! The next time you catch a sliver of sunshine out your window, you know what that means.

Break out the bikinis, grab all of your friends nearby and head straight to the beach! You may face some resistance from your less informed friends, who may say something along the lines of “It’s freezing outside, are you crazy?” But all will be solved when you remind them of the good news: the spring equinox has passed! Temperatures no longer matter! Take a refreshing, celebratory dip of your toe into the still frozen water and show spring who’s boss! However, please dip no more than your toe into the water. You would then be at risk of acquiring hypothermia. Yay spring! Another chill way to enjoy your pre-summer days is by hammocking. It may feel a little brisk on the walk to the Pine Grove, but once you’re suspended up in the air, in the shade, exposed to any and all winds blowing through through the area, you’ll cozy right up. Feel free to bring some homework or a good book, staying out there in the wonderful spring weather until your lips are blue and Chaco-cradled toes are numb. Friends are recommended; they tend to provide additional body heat.

Want something more fastpaced? As soon as temperatures jump above 45 degrees, head on into the Pine Grove and join fellow springtime enthusiasts, who are always out there locking down some tight disk grabs. As you’re rocking those scoobers, be sure not to get too close to any of those notorious Pine Grove hammockers! It may take a little extra focus and effort to snag those frisbees with the blocks of ice your hands may become, but the challenge is what truly makes the first few Pine Grove disk sessions worth it! After an invigorating game of frisbee, maybe you’re looking forward to a nice warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee to shake those springtime chills.

However, a toasty, inviting drink like that doesn’t show the proper post-winter spirit, now does it? The only real way to celebrate the passing of chilly days is to make the rejuvenating trek through the brisk spring winds to Kilwin’s, where the ice cream will assure you that it truly is no longer winter. Though the amount of shivering may be increased with the addition of a frozen treat, you can have faith that you have truly captured the meaning of springtime and all of the joy it brings.

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