Articles by Cameron Geddes


The international love language: food

Hope College has no shortage of sanctimonious annual food events, but one of their most prominent surpassed its expectations on Feb. 23: The International Food Fair. Hosted in the Maas Auditorium from 6-8 p.m., the event drew a massive crowd composed of community members, staff and students alike. The smorgasbord of delicacies ranged in origin…


Reflecting at the M&M conference

While Markets & Morality has long invited prominent speakers to Hope and regularly travels as a group to thought-provoking seminars, it has never had the chance to host an in-house conference of its own. Several logistical stars must align for such a gathering to take place, with a certain level of work required to gain…


Argentina explored in IRC Event

Did you know that in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, there is a solar-powered metal flower statue that opens during the day and closes at night? Most guests and members of International Relations Club didn’t either, until last Friday night. With host for the evening, Marianna “Mary” Urdaneta, about 30 students participated in a…