Articles by Cameron Geddes


Panel shares on discourse

These days, it is a common sentiment across every demographic that we live in an age of political polarization rarely seen in politics. The ability to reach out and communicate about daily events to any given stranger has become notably strained, boding poorly for the common American and their ability to come to a reasonable…


Phelps pipe burst raises questions

Phelps Dining Hall has undergone adjustments after a pipe burst midday Saturday near the fireplace, causing minor damage and making the area inaccessible for regular diners. While the situation is contained and being cleaned up in an orderly fashion, there have been questions raised about the transparency of the college to explain the nature of…


Markets & Morality hosts first event

Last Monday, “Eminent Domain” was the takeaway phrase from Markets & Morality’s first public event of the semester. Held in Winants Auditorium, the group held a screening of the 2017 Courtney Balaker film “Little Pink House,” which discusses property rights and government overreach. The film itself ran for approximately an hour and a half, after…