The Badmittens

When you hear the word “birdie,” what do you think of? A golf term? A childish reference to an individual of the avian kind? Or are you one of the rare few who immediately associates it with the sport of badminton? For the quartet that makes up one of the four teams in the intramural…


Sports Recap: Highs and Lows

While the Pull drew a lot of spectator attention during the fourth weekend of September, Hope athletics were in full swing as well. The men’s golf team placed second at the MIAA Jamboree in Adrian, MI on Saturday, and then went on to place first on Monday at the MIAA Jamboree in Kalamazoo, MI. Hope’s…


Making Pull History

Originating in 1898, the Pull at Hope College is one of the country’s longest standing college traditions. Featured in The Guinness Book of World Records as well as Sports Illustrated, the event has become a staple at Hope for its challenges, intensity and the bond it creates between teammates. Since its inception, the Pull has…