Daily Archives: October 13, 2020


RAs in the world of COVID-19

The first half of the fall semester has ended, and it is increasingly evident how different things are on campus. Online classes, constant mask use and six-foot distances are just a few of the changes Hope College students have had to adjust to. Students, for the most part, were able to return to campus this…


In defense of country music

Big green tractors. An ice cold beer. Blue jeans and dirt-covered work boots. This imagery might make you think of the early 2000s. You might be transported to your grandfather’s truck with artists like Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney singing their Southern-accented hearts out through the car radio. On the other side of things, you…


My story: ‘Whispers of God’

“To this world, you will never be enough, but with God, you are always more than enough” (Whispers of God, Chapter 4).  When I was a five-year-old girl, if you would have told me that my future consisted of trauma, a divorce, abuse, bullying, a near-death illness and an eating disorder that almost killed me…