Will the Pull pull through?

The Pull has been postponed for the Fall 2020 semester. 

This 123-year-old tradition has yet to be completely cancelled, though. Representatives from both the Even and Odd Year Pull teams have shared that they are working to make the competition happen some time in the Spring 2021 semester.

“We are looking for ways to move forward and perhaps have it in the spring. And the timeline for that is working around finals and working around the snow,” said Cole Manilla, a rep for Even Year. 

In addition to working around challenges that organizers don’t have to think about when planning a fall Pull, they will also be taking the status of COVID-19 into consideration when determining whether or not it will be possible in the spring.

Even though there will be no Pull this semester to recruit for, Even Year is still holding its traditional rally.

“One of the things that we were realizing is that the incoming freshman class is pretty unaware of what Pull is and what it looks like. And as the rep of the ’24 class, that’s not what we want,” Manilla said.

It is because of this that Even Year is having its rally, the purpose for which is twofold. First, reps will be sharing information about what the Pull will potentially look like this year with those who are interested. Additionally, they just want to get people talking about the tradition again.

“We’re looking at finding ways to engage alumni and the incoming freshmen so that they know about Pull and are ready when the time comes,” Manilla said.

The Even Year rally will take place this Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 8:24 p.m. by the DeWitt flagpole.

Odd Year does not yet have a rally planned. However, Odd Year Rep Rachel Wishop says that they might do a rally some time in November and another one again in the spring semester, if it looks like Pull will be able to happen.

Additionally, Wishop says that Even and Odd Years are planning a joint event for this Friday, Oct. 2. This will be held in celebration of the tradition, as it would have been taking place this upcoming weekend if it were happening this semester.

“Friday and Saturday would have been Pull weekend, so we’re just trying to kind of celebrate that in a way that’s safe and smart,” Wishop said.

Members of the campus community will be able to come learn more about the event, as well as meet the two coaching staffs. According to Wishop, details about exactly what this event will entail have yet to be solidified. However, more information will be released throughout the week.

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