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Holland announces secession from U.S.

  After years of pretending to be a small Netherlandish city within the continental U.S., the Hollanders of Michigan have decided enough is enough and are seceding from the United States. Hollanders are seeking to be permitted as a territory of the Netherlands and enter rule of  Queen Máxima and King Willem Alexander. The monarchy …


Knapp masquerades as sophomore

  Unbeknownst to the majority of Hope College students, former president John Knapp returned to Hope’s campus disguised as a student for a day in March. This plan was inspired by the popular television show “Undercover Boss.” Knapp was hoping to experience life as a Hope College sophomore student. This inspiration came from a desire…


Knapp wishes a merry Christmas

By Joyce Byers For the past few weeks, a frenzy of rumors about telepathic activity has been brewing on campus. Last Friday, Nov. 3, the rumors were, quite literally, brought into the light when an event was held in the Pine Grove at 8 p.m. Hundreds of students gathered together to hang Christmas lights among…