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Build and update your resume

“LinkedIn really helps students bring their resume to life,” career counselor Megan Fisher said. If anyone knows about LinkedIn, it is Fisher from Hope College’s Career Development Center. Fisher regularly works with students who want to connect with Hope alumni in a field he or she is interested in. Used by many employers and job-seekers…


Wikileaks releases Vault 7: Who cares?

The story of the boy who cries wolf is a timeless tale; while it is typically applied when instructing children on the importance of asking for help or accusing someone (likely an older brother) of some heinous crime against them, it is equally applicable in today’s overly sensationalized world. Last week, the media organization Wikileaks…


Worship team shaping new praises

Since Bruce Benedict arrived as chaplain of worship at Hope College two and a half years ago, he has urged students to create original worship songs and has helped write EPs including “Fairer” and “The Beatitudes” over the course of the last school year. They have now begun the process of creating a new EP…

U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, and U.S. Representative Greg Walden hold a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

Liabilities of America’s new health care

President Donald Trump’s reconstruction of Obamacare leaves several in disagreement of its benefits In an ideal world, generosity would be the backbone of America. People would work and strive toward their highest potential, the poor would be humble and thankful and the rich would share their wealth with no governmental force. People would support the…