Daily Archives: March 15, 2017

men's bball

Saying farewell to our seniors

It was a heartbreaking weekend for Hope College basketball as both the men’s and women’s teams were edged out in sectional semifinals. The men were beat-out by Hanover College in a buzzer beater fade away, ending the Dutchmen’s 23-7 season. Leading scorer of the game was Dante Hawkins (’18) with 28 points. Seniors Mitchell O’Brien…


South Korean impeachment success

It seems that American foreign focus has shifted to the east in recent months and for good reason. With rising tensions between the U.S. and both China and Russia, it is wise to be watching the east. This week offers another interesting turn of events in the east, one whose consequences have yet to be…


Bazany Photography

Melissa Bazany (’18) has been snapping photos since high school. Recently, she’s been using her eye for aesthetics to team up with organizations on Hope’s campus, such as Lambda Pi Eta, the Dorian sorority and more. Her interests and skills expand beyond photography; Bazany works on graphics and web design as well. If you want…