Remember the support systems

We have all recently learned of the death of Ruth Upadhyaya. Please send prayers and nurturing thoughts to Ruth’s family and friends.
We all may be struck with grief and confusion. It is a difficult time for us all as well.

Whether you understand what it is to lose a loved one or have not experienced that in life yet, it still makes us all think and poses questions that we may never have thought of before.

We begin a new day and must takes steps to grow and learn from our grief. It is not easy, but there are systems of support. Rely not only on yourself but those around you.

Kristen Gray, Associate Dean for Health and Counseling and Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) shared in a recent email, “Please be mindful of your own emotions. Find healthy ways to express or share them with someone who can be most helpful to you at this time.

Consider speaking with a chaplain, a trusted faculty member, your advisor or FYS professor, or even a counselor.

Also, please take care of your whole self. As difficult as it might seem, sleep is vital for your brain to process and heal when there is a shock.

Exercise allows the body to be healthy and allows you to think more clearly. Good nutrition is vital to moving forward, even if you find that you do not have much appetite.

Consider spending some quiet time to journal, pray and, as Dean Trygve reminds us, delve into the Word of God.

Remember always, there are people here at Hope who care deeply for you and who are available to help you in this time of grief and sadness.”

Systems of support include Hope’s Counseling and Psychological Services located on the 2nd floor of DeWitt, Students can call 616-395-7945 to make an appointment.

Campus Ministries are located in the Keppel House, can can be reached at 616-395-7145. They offer their support and guidance during this time.

Residential Life Coordinators, Resident Directors and Resident Assistants are also resources close to home that mare a more friendly and comfortable face.

Residential staff may be easier to talk to for those who may not feel as comfortable making specific an dated appointments for what may be troubling them.

Use these resources and take care of yourself in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The community of Hope is a strong and loyal one. Reach out and take a hand.

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