‘There are still kids in that hotel?’: Administration forgets about quarantined students amid vaccine excitement

A shocking screenshot has been circulating around campus all week. Junior Immuna Vander Zation captured a Snapchat sent by their roommate, Corrantina Isola. in one of Haworth’s quarantine rooms, captioned “I’ve been stuck in here for THREE DAYS WITHOUT FOOD. No one is answering my phone calls or emails. Help.” Vander Zation posted the screenshot to their Instagram story, adding “lol.” 

This comes in the wake of two recent escape attempts from Haworth Inn in the past week. One anonymous junior attempted to make a run for it during his daily walk. However, once a Comfort Corner staff member noticed his poor breathing he was promptly returned to isolation. The junior only made it as far as Lemonjello’s due to  feeling extremely fatigued from the virus, making it easier for Hope Hub staffers to catch up with him. Another, sophomore Carrina V. Iris, left her room in search of food after failing to get a response from the ever-helpful Hope Hub. “I ended up on the roof after wandering the hallways for like three hours,” said Iris. “The windows wouldn’t open so I climbed into the vents and finally found a way out.” Onlookers witnessed her shouting for help before she rolled down the roof and onto a soft hedge. 

These shocking escape attempts were also documented across social media, with eyewitnesses capturing both escape attempts on the official Hope Snapchat. This also marks a record number of views for the account, with a total of around 10.7 million, adding to their previous record of seventeen. President Scogin thanked viewers for their support of the school’s social media accounts, saying on an Instagram Live, “This is a truly historic moment. I am thrilled that so many people are interacting with our content. We would be nothing without our fans.” No mention was made of the escape attempts or the situation of the conditions of quarantined students. 

In light of the exciting news of vaccine distribution on campus, it seems that the administration and many in the Hope College community have forgotten about students with COVID-19 altogether. Students have reported missing meals, losing WiFi, and being left outside on their daily walks. Nonetheless, Campus Health is still busy at work, arranging photo shoots with the Squabbit to increase publicity for the historic vaccine rollout. “Working with Squabbit is a full time job,” a Campus Health staffer added. “He’s a busy squirrel with a lot of demands, and the Scquabbit publicity campaign requires all hands on deck from Campus Health.”

When asked to comment on their reckless abandonment of quarantined and isolated students, Hope Administration promptly responded, “I’m sorry, we’re a little confused. There are still kids in that hotel? That can’t be possible. We opened up Haworth to the public last week when COVID-19 stopped. You know, because of the vaccines?”

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