Angry Adam: Why is being late so bad?

This is for any groups, professors, workplaces, friends, family, and Campus events that I’ve  ever gone to, known, or had con- tact with. Hi, my name is Adam,  and sometimes I’m late. Sometimes I sleep in an extra 30 minutes or an hour and I get places  slightly late with really wet hair. Occasionally I turn a homework  assignment in at 10 a.m. the next  morning when it was supposed  to be done at midnight the night  before. Every once in awhile I  will miss a group project or a family gathering because I’ve  forgotten or I just can’t get there  in time. Sometimes, I’m late.  

But, to whomever may be  reading this and thinking that  I’m trying to make excuses for  missing or coming late to something that they’re putting on,  know that I’m definitely not. For  Campus events, groups, professors, and work, I understand  that you’re passionate about  what it is that you do. I get that  you take a lot of pride in having  things done a certain way, and  deadlines and time-limits are a  good way to go about making  sure everything runs smoothly.  But sometimes time-limits are  hindrances that people can’t get  around. Why is it so important  that something be done or at- tended on-time that you would  exclude people from doing them  if they’re not in that limit? As an Education Major, I’d much prefer my students turning papers into me late than never receiving their papers at all, and I feel  the same should be said of college professors and faculty in  other workings on campus. As  a Student Manager, I’d prefer  that the employees come in late  rather than deciding that they’ll  just be punished and not coming  in at all.  

To friends and family who  may think that my not showing  up on time, or not being able  to stay up late into the night to  hang out means that I don’t like  them. That is not true. Sometimes there is homework to be  done, work to be attended or  events that need my presence. I  know that family, friends and relationship should be some of the  most important things in life,  but after paying so much money  to be at Hope College, I’m adamant about trying to make sure  that everything is done before  I spend time frivolously with  people.  

Despite the adage that every  millennial is a lazy bum trying  to live off of their parents or the “system,” that’s not true. Being  at an expensive college means  that there are a lot of things to balance. A full load of classes  with the additional homework,  studying and papers, multiple  jobs, required out-of-class  events, time with friends and a  relationship to boot is so much  to handle while still trying to get  enough sleep to function and do  it all again the next day. If I accidentally sleep an extra hour and  make it to your event or meeting  10 minutes late, it’s not because  I hate your group or have some  vendetta against you, it’s be- cause I probably slept four hours  the night before, and not due to  partying or anything irresponsible, but because I was trying  to finish the homework that my  class assigned to me two days  before after my laptop decided  to stop working.  

I don’t hate you, there are  just always too many things that  are being thrown of so many  students here, and sometimes  we just need to take just a little  while longer to process it. I’m  sure I’m not the only one that’s  rolling into classes a few minute late, turning papers in a few  hours after their final deadline  or missing your meeting. I’m  sorry it’s late.

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