Daily Archives: March 8, 2020


Veteran Support on Campus

 Oftentimes, veterans who are now students on the Hope College campus are an afterthought among their peers. Whether it be their first or fourth year on campus, they still have a need for recognition, relational support and simple acknowledgement. Many veterans prefer not to be singled out for their service, but acknowledging their service prior…


Go vote

 On Tuesday, March 3, known by many as Super Tuesday, voters from 14 different states took to the ballot boxes and cast their votes in the 2020 presidential primary. Since Tuesday, two more candidates from the Democratic party have ended their campaigns, leaving three candidates remaining (as of March 6): Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and…


Bernie Sander’s America?

As of Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders has emerged next to Joe Biden in a two-man race for the 2020 Democratic candidacy. Sanders, a senator from Vermont who also ran for president in 2016, envisions drastic economic, social and environmental shifts for our country. His left-wing beliefs and stance as a self-described ‘democratic socialist’ have faced…