An open letter to my jeans

Dear Jeans,

As you know, we have a long, complicated history. I’ve said some things and you’ve made me feel some things, and I’m sure we both regret it. You see, for the longest time, you have made me feel so low. There have been countless times where I have gone into the fitting room with three different sizes in multiple styles and washes only to leave the store with nothing. I leave feeling exhausted, discouraged and wishing I could wear dresses and leggings for the rest of my life, but for some reason I feel drawn to you. All of your beautiful styles—skinny, straight, flare, bootcut… even overalls! To make matters worse you come in so many washes that I would be able to wear a pair every day of the week without repeating. Yet you don’t fit me. Trust me, I wanted to leave the store with you, but you didn’t fit me.

Despite popular belief, I don’t believe that I should hop, wiggle or squeeze into you. I should feel comfort, not confinement. I should be able to move without the concern of ripping you because you are too tight or needing to pull you up because you are too loose. Trust me, this is a real problem. For as long as I can remember, I have experienced jeans that are too tight on my thighs, but the waist fits fine or the thighs fit comfortably and the waist hangs horribly agape, so I have to wear a belt. It is not as simple as going up or down a size because of my hourglass figure. I know I can use a belt, but there is something inexplicably defeating about wearing one. It’s like a sign that says, “I CAN’T FIND JEANS THAT FIT!”

Well, Jeans, the other day I went to Target to see if their new denim campaign was made for me, and let me say that my faith in our relationship has been restored. I picked up five pairs of skinny jeans, all in different washes and rises. As I stood in the dressing room looking at the pair of jeans I held in my hands, I prepared myself for the emotional roller coaster that I have been on numerous times. Yet, this time I was welcomed to find jeans that I was not forced to conform to. I found multiple pairs that conformed to me!

The wave of feelings that fell over me were enough to make me tear up because the struggle to find jeans that fit and make you feel confident is real. Jeans, thank you for fitting me! Thank you for allowing me to feel confident as I walk to class, stroll around downtown and hang out with friends.

I love you!



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