Presidential campaign update

Drops in Supporters

From NBC News, the presidential poll’s numbers are approaching closer together as this summer comes to an end. While the polls show that GOP nominee Donald Trump is catching up to democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, Trump polls also showed a slight decrease from Aug. 8 to Aug. 29. According to the NBC Survey Monkey, Clinton remains in the lead with 41 percent and Trump with 37 percent.
Other parties, including libertarian nominee, Gary Johnson, and green party nominee, Jill Stein, both gained 4 points from NBC polls. Other polls, such as Monmouth University and Marquette University Law School both show slight decreases of Clinton’s and Trump’s while other parties showed slight increases. Several debates at universities are coming up soon. While the polls come closer together, any of these upcoming debates may turn the direction either way.


Recently, Donald Trump flew into Mexico to discuss plans about the wall with President Enrique Peña Nieto, which lead to Trump demanding Mexico to pay for it. While Trump claims that they did not discuss payment, a large part of his campaign claims for Mexico to finance it. According to CNN, Peña Nieto offers peace as the two held a discussion of their opposing views. “We might not agree on everything,” said Peña Nieto, but he is “committed to working with whomever Americans elect as their next president in November.”


In early July, the FBI questioned Hillary Clinton about her private email server back when she was Secretary of State. She “did not recall” or “did not remember” at least 39 different times about potential training or the use of any specific emails. She was asked about the emails from her private server that were marked with (C) for confidential, and replied with speculation that the “C” was thought to “reference paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.” While FBI director James Comey told Congress that the bureau did not find evidence of Clinton for lying, he clearly stated that

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