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A snapshot of Groovin’ in the Grove

  NIGHT JAMS — Chapel worship bands performed Aug. 29 in the Pine Grove, bringing the Hope community together. Students gathered to ease their minds the night prior to classes. The concert was split in half by an intermission, which also separated the different chapel bands. Bruce Benedict, the chaplain of worship, highlighted the seniors…


Economic crisis in Venezuela

Country faces worst fiscal issues ever; limited access to food impacts citizens The Venezuelan economy is the product of a country that relies heavily on imported goods, enforces a numerous amount of social welfare programs and funds all of this from a single export. The economic crisis, in which Venezuela currently finds itself, is what…


Hope pushes for a greener world

Hope College isn’t exactly known for its environmental friendly reputation. Not that Hope doesn’t promote going green, but I’ve never felt a strong emphasis on the importance of eco-friendly acts, such as recycling. However, after doing some research, I’ve come to the realization that Hope is actually doing a phenomenal job in this department. Most…


Ankrd in Music

As students, music is essential to our rhythm of life, from mornings of singing in the shower to late nights of finishing homework with earbuds in to keep the rest of the world out. There really isn’t a good day that passes by without some music to accompany it. With music so readily available in…


The Kaepernick controversy

Colin Kaepernick first reached national eyes as a quarterback for the University of Nevada. He entered the 2011 National Football League draft and was picked in the second round by the San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick came off the bench in place of injured starter Alex Smith in a strange game that ended in a tie,…