North Korea threats on advanced ballistic missile


International threats — Unsurprisingly, North Korea launched another ballistic missile, an ICBM, which is claimed to be more dangerous than ever, as it can target U.S. land

On Nov. 28, North Korea launched another ballistic missile. The country launched an ICBM, which traveled higher and longer than any other missile tested before. They claimed that it is more powerful and can target all of the U.S. mainland. Being the most recent launch since Sept. 15 when North Korea fired an intermediate ballistic missile, South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and U.S. authorities are currently analyzing the trajectory. South Korea’s officials reported that the missile was fired from an area north of Pyongyang. Since North Korea’s multiple missile threats, the Security Council has imposed its toughest-ever sanctions on Kim Jong Un’s government, and both U.S. and Japan are likely to follow with stronger measures.

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