Articles by Sarah Mozdren


Government remains silent in Myanmar crisis

Located in the southeast region of Asia, a small Buddhist- majority country, Myanmar, holds an ethnic Muslim minority who are currently suffering violence and persecution. This minority group, called the Rohingya, differs from the Buddhist-majority in ethnic, religious and linguistic ways. The Rohingya consist of about 1.1 million people who live in the southeast Asian…


Electric automotives: A solution or a problem?

In early September, China announced their plan to eventually ban gasoline-powered cars. Not too soon after, California may do something similar if regulators ban the internal combustion engine entirely. With the push for the automotive industry to shift toward electric vehicles (EV), several large automakers have announced some form of “electrification” within the next few…


Organizations supporting world peace: ICAN

On the morning of Oct. 6 in Oslo, Norway, the 2017 No-bel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,also known as ICAN. This is a group of non-governmental organizations from approximately 100 different countries around the world who are campaign-ing to eliminate nuclear weapons. Banning nuclear weapons as an international…