Daily Archives: October 7, 2020


Twelfth Night: The Freshman Experience

The student body is going through a lot right now with COVID-19, that is undeniable. However, our freshmen are also going through a huge transition: the shift from high school to collegiate life. I interviewed two freshmen, Liliana Fraser-Shade and Brianna Tomczak, from the Hope College Theatre Department’s production of “Twelfth Night” to get their…


Food Truck Frenzy

            In a time of stress, little is better for a person than some really good food. And on October 2nd, Student Activities Committee (SAC) organized a Food Truck Frenzy as a fun way to provide free food for students as the weekend kicked off. The event was held around campus, with trucks and tents all…


Bias Incident on Hope Campus

Sometimes, political propaganda is just that: propaganda. A flyer or button with a name and a year, something small enough to hand out that offers a casual expression of opinion. Sometimes, it’s a bit more than that. A simple political advertisement, in the right hands, directed toward the right people, can say more than a…