Student create art in the snow at SAC event

Despite the current pandemic, the students of Hope College are always doing their best to improvise and enjoy the winter season in new and interesting ways. The Student Activities Committee (SAC) is a large element of this effort and has come up with a variety of events to bring some cheer and community over the coming months. One of these events- Snow Painting.

The event took place on Friday, February 12, from approximately 3-5 p.m. The event at its core was simple: get some free food and “H-Cookies” (individually wrapped), and use some bottles filled with food coloring and water to make fun designs in the snow. Just about anywhere in the Pine Grove was fair game, although a student favorite was to make some patterns in the snow outside between Van Vleck and the BSC.

The Anchor spoke first to Case VanderZee (’23), a Durfee resident studying physical education and health. VanderZee, a part of SAC, was helping hand out free cookies to students. “[I joined SAC] because it’s a great opportunity to reach all students at Hope College and create events and opportunities that everyone can go to and really enjoy as a community,” VanderZee said. “I really like how people all want to create a space where everyone feels welcome, and where we can just put out events that are super fun not only to attend but also to work at too. We’ve got some great bosses, and I love everyone at SAC.” He also remarked that it has indeed been hard to work during COVID, having to alter or get rid of some events. Still, it’s worth it in his mind: “All in all, it’s still been a really great year for SAC.”

Anyone interested in just the food was treated to H-Cookies, popcorn and hot chocolate. However, the real main event was of course getting spray bottles filled with dye. The Anchor spoke with SAC member Kylie Galloway (’22) from Minnesota, studying communications. “We have all the colors of snow paint you could want, and snacks because everyone loves free food!” she said. “We’re trying to make use of our resources, because we can’t have a ton of inside events right now. What we can do is be outside, and we’re Michiganders at Hope, so why not make the snow colorful and have fun while doing it?” Galloway remarked that she herself would probably just be doodling with the paint, but it was much more fun than one would expect. “It’s kind of like your inner kid coming out!”  

The Anchor also talked to a student taking part in the festivities. Abby Lockie (’22), a student from Elmhurst studying social work and youth ministry, went out with her housemates to do some snow painting. She painted a heart with her snow paint but also got some paint on her sweatshirt and her friend’s sweatshirt. She remarked that this semester has been a fun one, and she’s excited to be back and taking some really good classes. When asked what the most difficult part of the semester will be, she had this to say: “The winter, and without having spring break it’s going to be a super, super long semester.” But she has hopes it will be a fun one regardless.

President Scogin even came by to check out the event. According to Scogin, it gave him an idea for what to do over the weekend with his kids. Regarding the event, he had this to say: “It says a lot about the versatility of students to create events in an otherwise difficult season for event-making. I had never heard of snow painting, but I’m going to claim credit that our students at Hope invented it, and we’re finding ways to make fun out of snow-filled campuses even in the middle of a pandemic.” 

Great words from the president! Make sure to follow SAC on Instagram (@hopecollegesac) to stay updated on all of their events this semester!

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