Articles by Caitlin Babcock

Caitlin Babcock ('23) is from Fort Collins, Colorado and wrote for the Anchor in the spring semester of 2020. She is planning to double major in Global Studies and Writing and is looking into a career in journalism. She enjoys taking walks, sunny days, Phelps deep-fried pickles, binge-playing the piano, sunrises, hot chocolate, spending 80% of her dining dollars on Kletz cookies, listening to The Piano Guys, and working for the Anchor! She dislikes cloudy days, Phelps chicken, airplanes, spicy food, snakes, eggnog, and math.


Corona and Creativity

Switching to online school can be a huge adjustment, to state it lightly. Time management skills are taken to a whole level. There is bandwidth to think about since not everyone has the same functions on their computer, and teachers have to adjust plans made around in-class interactions. That’s not to mention some students who…


Behind the Scenes of Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon, which is coming up this weekend, is one of the most highlighted events on Hope’s campus. For those students who are not aware, Dance Marathon is a 24-hour dance competition to raise money for children at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. However, not all students really understand how their money is being used and…