Articles by Kate Chupp


Bernie Sander’s America?

As of Super Tuesday, Bernie Sanders has emerged next to Joe Biden in a two-man race for the 2020 Democratic candidacy. Sanders, a senator from Vermont who also ran for president in 2016, envisions drastic economic, social and environmental shifts for our country. His left-wing beliefs and stance as a self-described ‘democratic socialist’ have faced…


“A voice that brought togetherness”: Past and present African American women honored in D.C.

Although Hope College is 677 miles and a far cry from Washington, D.C., both the nation’s capital and our college campus are honoring the lives, legacies and contributions of black history-makers throughout the month of February. One such expression of this celebration took place at the National Portrait Gallery, where important figures in the fight…


In our backyard: Every human counts

When thinking of human trafficking—the world’s second most profitable criminal industry—what comes to mind? Dirty faces peeking out from a shack? Women dancing on a bar in Thailand? Liam Neeson busting down a brothel door? Sure. But expand that picture to include the local nail salon, Grand Rapids Art Prize, and the Michigan/Michigan State football…