Articles by Elijah Maxwell

Eli ('23) is a second-year student from Noblesville, Indiana currently working as the Opinion Editor for the Anchor. He is a psychology major and a member of the Promethean fraternity. In addition to working at the Anchor he is a writing assistant at the Klooster Center for Excellence in Writing. After his time at Hope, he plans to further his education and become a therapist.


Go vote

 On Tuesday, March 3, known by many as Super Tuesday, voters from 14 different states took to the ballot boxes and cast their votes in the 2020 presidential primary. Since Tuesday, two more candidates from the Democratic party have ended their campaigns, leaving three candidates remaining (as of March 6): Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and…


Take care of yourself

   It’s no secret that winter in Michigan is dreary. The sun only comes out when it wants to, and when it does, its heat is dampened by the cold wind. Sunny days are miracles that cannot come often enough. So far this winter, we have been lucky to have a decent amount of them, but…