Articles by Jack Wolff

South China Sea: US woes and worries

It is easy these days to focus on internal issues in America, or, if looking outward, focusing on U.S. relations with Russia and the mounting tensions there. Yet, the world is much bigger, and America’s relationship with much of the world is changing. The most important among these changes is America’s relationship with China. Relations…


Immigration ban halted, future uncertain

President Trump, on Friday, Jan. 27, signed an executive article banning travelers from seven middle eastern countries. Odds are, you’ve heard of this by now, possibly in very spectacular fashion, as protests rage across America in response to this executive order. If you don’t know much about the ban, here’s a quick recap: On Jan….

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Russia-U.S. relations in a state of flux

U.S.-Russian relations have never been the most cordial of international relationships. Indeed, for many years they were as far from cordial as one can get without full-out war being declared. While these things seem to have passed, recently Russia and the U.S. have been butting heads once again. It has been well documented, with allegations…


Venezuelan economy in tailspin

In the past two years things have gone from bad to worse in what may soon be the previous country of Venezuela. In fact, a photographer for Time magazine has said, “Venezuela has become hell.” Indeed, Venezuela has seemed close to hellish in recent memory. With murder rates in its cities reaching a worldwide high…