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What is a poem?

What is a poem? For those that don’t know em you can do about anything as long as with cadence your poem does sing honestly, it really doesn’t have to cus if it doesn’t you can call it call it prose even the lines dont have to make much sense, but if they dont some…


Why History Matters

There are two types of reactions that I have received from people whenI tell them I am a history major: “ew, I hated that in high school” (along with your minor, Economics),or, “that is awesome, I love history too.” To the first response, I often ask whether or not their high school history course was…


Why History Rocks

For many, history conjures up visions of dusty old men, teaching in dusty old classrooms about dusty old top-ics while their students battle with boredom and sleep as they head-nod their way through the class. I couldn’t disagree more. History is often failed in the way that it is taught at lower levels. It often…