Daily Archives: October 18, 2017


Why History Matters

There are two types of reactions that I have received from people whenI tell them I am a history major: “ew, I hated that in high school” (along with your minor, Economics),or, “that is awesome, I love history too.” To the first response, I often ask whether or not their high school history course was…


Organizations supporting world peace: ICAN

On the morning of Oct. 6 in Oslo, Norway, the 2017 No-bel Peace Prize was awarded to the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons,also known as ICAN. This is a group of non-governmental organizations from approximately 100 different countries around the world who are campaign-ing to eliminate nuclear weapons. Banning nuclear weapons as an international…


Josh Gibson goes back-to-back

The Hope College men’s golf team traveled to the Battle Creek Country Club this past weekend to participate in the MIAA Championships. The rain halted play on Saturday, shortening the expected 108- hole MIAA season, but the Dutchmen shone through the weather. Josh Gibson (’19) of Hope won the individual league title for the second…