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Spotlight: Phillip LeGare

Monday mornings are quiet and peaceful for him. He sits in the Bultman Student Center with a cup of coffee calculating and balancing the week’s budget for the Student Activities Com- mittee, as well as completing assign- ments and tasks for his academically rigorous accounting major. He organizes and delegates re- sponsibilities every week to…

all sons and daughters

Concerts for the music lover’s soul

  Every person passionate about music should be pumped for the concert line-up this semester at Hope College, which will include a wide range of incredibly talented musicians. The Concert Series, hosted by the Student Activities Committee, consistently brings in artists that both cater to what students are interested in and challenge the music students…

TALENT RUSHES IN — Seven gifted groups performed for the campus community at SAC’s Really Big Talent Show, but there can be only one winner. Alex Pasker took home the gold with a tap dancing routine.

SAC showcases student talent

On Friday, April 22, Hope College’s Student Activities Committee (SAC) hosted one of its most popular events of the year: The Really Big Talent Show. Every year, students audition to showcase their talents to the entire campus community. SAC kept the same Masters of Ceremony, but compared to last year, there was a greater variety…