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Protestors stand to save national monuments

This past Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered in Salt Lake City to stand against President Trump’s expected announcement to shrink two national monuments in Utah. Holding signs and chanting, crowds congregated on the front steps of the Utah State Capitol to criticize Trump’s decision. Speakers included Utah State Representative, Patrice Arent, a Democrat from Millcreek…


Heavy expenses from Hurricane Harvey

PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RESCUE MISSION — Both President Donald Trump and Melania Trump traveled to the southeast coast of Texas to serve the victims of the flood by aiding with resources and providing encouragement for recovery. (ABC News) “Our whole city is underwater,” Derrick Freeman, the mayor of Port Arthur, Texas, said to news reporters from…

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China, US meet but tensions remain

This week has been a wild one in terms of the U.S. and its relation to the World. Most strikingly, of course, were the missile strikes leveled against Syria. Trump authorized these as a chastisement for the use of chemical attacks that were used against the Syrian people earlier in the week. These strikes became…