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Where do you stand?

I walked out of Phelps Dining Hall the other night looking down at my phone to answer the messages I missed during work. Suddenly, I heard a “meow.” Looking up, I saw that it came from some guy sticking his head out the passenger side window of a red pick-up truck. I looked around and…

A call for understanding

I have seen enough Facebook posts and heard enough conversations about how people need to stop whining. Stop overreacting. Stop talking about this election and move on. I have read that America needs to try and understand the Trump supporters. I can see where our priorities differ and where their background may have influenced their…

Racially Stuck

Words can’t begin to describe how I feel The pain stabbing through my chest The knife of hatred Laced with discrimination Filled with prejudice Tainted with segregation Pure Racism. The wounds were closed So they said. Yet, they were never closed. Blood begins to pour from the lashes From years of whippings past We. Are….


IMAGES shows cultural diversity

(Photos by Kelly Ocock) This past weekend Hope College hosted an event in the Knickerbocker theatre that none will soon forget. It was called “IMAGES” and provided a mouthpiece for the minority groups that inhabit Hope. At 7 p.m. on Nov. 12, students, faculty and community members crowded into the theatre to watch a passionate,…