RANCHOR: Time is a mindset: An interview with Chad McMuscles IV

This weekend I had the opportunity to interview one of the best football players on Hope’s football team. Chad McMuscles IV is in his fourth year as a student here and is majoring in business. Because he has such a strict training regimen, I wanted to dig deeper into how he balances school and sports. 


About how much time do you spend training? 

“Well in a day I usually spend about five hours in class, two hours drinking protein shakes, three hours for homework, eight hours sleeping—you know, to recover my muscles—then seven hours training. You may notice that this actually adds up to 25 hours a day, but I like to view time as a mindset. If you want to get better, you’ll find the time, even if it doesn’t exist.” 


How long have you been playing football?

“I started in second grade, so about 14 years. I was the best player on the team back then, too.” 


When your career feels stagnant, how do you find the motivation to push harder?

“I’m one of the few people who has never experienced a lull in my athletic career. I think because of the amount of time I spend taking care of my body, I always perform exactly how I want to. So to answer your question, I’m motivated 110% of the time, so I never have to find more motivation.”


Who was your biggest role model in the beginning of your career?

“Honestly, I’ve always been my own role model. I think that too often we humble ourselves when, as athletes, we should only be striving to win against ourselves. I never watch professional football because I fear that it will actually end up making me worse.”


What is one piece of advice that you’d give aspiring athletes?

“I mean honestly just do what you love and never stop. If it means building another hour into your day, you can do it.”



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