RANCHOR: Campus Ministries to host Kanye West as Chapel speaker

After a period of controversy on Hope’s campus regarding Chapel speakers, Campus Ministries has decided to “play it safe” with a wholesome crowd pleaser: Kanye West. Given West’s spiritual awakening and newest gospel-rap album “JESUS IS KING,” students, faculty, and staff are all looking forward to hearing what West has to share with Hope’s campus. West will both lead worship as well as provide a message to Chapel attendees this coming Friday, November 1, at 10:30 a.m. Given the occasion, Hope has decided that classes will not resume until West’s talk ends as to allow him proper time to convey his enlightening ideas. Class will continue as normal either when West concludes, or at 3:00 p.m., whichever comes first. 

Not only will West be sharing how he balances fame and attention with his spirituality and relationship with God, West has been asked to share his thoughts on race in America and the upcoming election. President Scogin, when asked about this monumental speaker, said: “Hope has worked at beginning a respectful, useful conversation on race, diversity, and politics for quite some time. What better person to bring this conversation to campus than someone of this prestige?” 

While there were a wide range of views on Campus after October 18’s Chapel on singleness in the church, Kanye West’s appearance seems to be just what campus needed to reunite. Student Janet Foster (’25) shared: “I was very taken aback at Hope’s decision to invite specific speakers to Chapel last week for a number of reasons. Given their decision to invite Kanye, however, I am feeling much more clarity and confidence in Hope’s desired message.” As one final note, Foster added: “I accept your apology, Campus Ministries! Who knew it would be this easy to win me back?” 

As someone who had approved of previous messages about sexualty, singleness, and spirituality, Madison Rally (’19.5) also shared her excitement for West’s appearance. “I had some difficult disagreements to talk over with my peers after past messages,” Rally shared. “I think Kanye will finally be an easy listen. He’s someone I know can speak for all of us!” This optimistic outlook is one mirrored throughout the Holland area, as students and Holland residents have already begun hanging banners and making signs welcoming this famous hero to our city.

Looking for ways to get involved with the welcoming committee? There will be a group meeting in the lobby of the Haworth Inn and Conference Center this Thursday, October 31 at 11:00 a.m. This committee has been tasked with organizing Holland’s most hospitable accommodations yet.

While unlikely, there is a chance that there will be time left at the end of West’s four and a half hour rant for a question and answer session run by Ranchor reporters. If you have anything you would like to ask Kanye West about his new album, his thoughts on race, spirituality, or politics, etc., send your inquiries to ranchor@hope.edu.





*This article is a part of The Anchor’s parody Halloween edition, The Ranchor. All facts stated in the above article are false. Kanye West, believe it or not, is not coming to Hope College’s campus on Friday. Or anytime soon.

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