The Voices of Orientation: Keeping Beginings Fun For Freshmen And Families

Directors are far from the only ones involved in orientation. Many Assistant Directors and Orientation Advisers put their heart and soul into making orientation the best experience
it can be. To learn more about the different voices of Hope’s orientation, I joined the Anchor’s Michael Hood as he interviewed and gained perspective on the orientation process.The first member of Orientation student staff that Michael interviewed was Scott Dennis Geoffrey of the siblings program.

Scott let us know what it was like to be directly working with the families of Hope College. “These kids are excited; the kids last night were having a lot of fun and move in. [I] might have a couple bruises, but you know, it was worth it. And we got done by like one because everyone saw that there was a storm coming and so everyone came early, so yeah, that was good.” As for himself, Scott also seemed to be having a good time “As part of the sibling’s program it’s pretty fun. We’re just bringing the kids in to write letters to their older siblings, and then later we’re gonna be playing spike ball and a lot of other games and tye-dye, which I’m a professional at so that’s going to be a lot of fun.” When asked for any final comments and critiques he mentioned that the training program could be a little more streamlined.

He finished with this important statement “Catherine Dustrude. I love you. You’re my girlfriend, so yeah, that’s what I’d like to say.”

The other perspective of Orientation we got was from Teresa Cameon , an Assistant Orientation Director excited about the program. “I think [orientation] is super beneficial, so new students go to all of the activities that you can and meet new people. It’s for you to succeed in your transition from high school to college. If you want to be an O.A. do it. If you want to be an A.D. do it. It’s very rewarding.”

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