Sore losers

Donald Trump’s election to the presidency three months ago came as a huge relief for one half of the United States and sent the other into a fearful, teary-eyed, state of emergency. Come Friday, Mr. Trump will become President Trump, starting his so called “illegitimate” presidency without the support of many people who had sported “I’m With Her” stickers and signs during the campaign. Not only will President Trump lack their support, he will face their direct opposition through the numerous protests and events that are being planned for Jan 20 and the following days.

In years past, incoming presidents, regardless of their views, have had the widespread support of the population. Win or lose, if you vote in an election in the United States you must accept the fact that the candidate you vote for might not win. Since this might come as a surprise for the millions of young Americans, like myself, who have been raised with participation awards and no- cut sports and clubs looking to booster our self-esteem, losing is always an option. Although it may have seemed like Clinton could not be beat, her support lay almost entirely in the cities and metropolitan areas, rather than in the disaffected “fly-over” states that make up most of the country geographically. While maybe more liberal, progressive, city dwellers were able to overlook the clear cut corruption that the Clinton’s embody, the rest of the country is clearly fed up with the blatant corruption and overt political correctness the Left and their supporters exhibit. Donald Trump struck a cord with many Americans who had been forgotten by both political par- ties; by calling those who support him racists and fascists, the Left is increasing the divide between themselves and the right at a time when the United States need to come together as a country.

This election has elicited deep feelings and beliefs from both sides of the political spectrum. The millions of Trump supporters are fed up with the ironic intolerance that the Left exudes. The Left portrays itself as being the more accepting political ideology, and with the support of many minority groups and by pursuing progressive policies, this is often taken for a fact. However, when defeated on the political stage, the Left lashed out with charges of racism towards any who supported Trump, calling his victory a setback for civil rights, and by pushing the bogus story of “Russian Hacking” as the sole reason for why Hillary lost. While preaching acceptance and diversity, the Left promotes intolerance of other views and alienates literally half of the country from their beliefs. With inauguration day less than three days away, maybe in- stead of protesting Trump’s position as president, Leftists could protest some his policies? Or maybe instead of attempting to de-legitimize his authority on the first day they could wait and see what happens rather than undermining one of our nations highest offices? Trumps victory was not due to racism and misogyny, rather it was a victory for the citizens of the “fly-over” states, unhappy with decades of elitism, corruption, political correctness, nation building and being called a racist for advocating for the enforcing of basic border protections. I may not agree with all that Trump stands for, but he was the best vehicle for any change whatsoever to occur.

Opponents of Trump: instead of pro- testing his victory, push for meaningful change. Fight his lewd remarks and advocate for the implementation of his new immigration policy (hint he likes nice immigrants too). Rather than further prove yourselves as being intolerant and shortsighted, do something to help your community or those who are affected by policies you disagree with. Please do not waste your time scuffling with police and trying to sabotage a national event, you only distance yourself from the rest of the nation. Trump won, and for better or for worse on Jan 20 he will become the lead- er of the United States.

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  1. January 19, 2017 @ 9:36 am Justine Weissmann

    Great article.
    Never thought that so many Americans would have such


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