PSBD: Post spring break depression strikes with two weeks left

It is a thing, guys. For all you college kids, you know exactly what I am talking about. Throughout the month of March, we look forward to that third week, where we get to take a break and relax somewhere nice, whether in warm weather or just at home on the couch. Each year it comes and goes so quickly, but it is that week after spring break where you come back and everything starts flooding your mind. At this point there is a little over two weeks until the end of the semester. This means lots of presentations, papers, exams and in my case, graduation.

After spending spring break on a cruise with my two best friends, the thought that I am graduating and spring break was basically my last “hoo rah” saddens me. Now I have to think about finding a job and finishing my last semester/internship strong. The sad thing is I and many are finishing more than just school. I am finishing being a college kid and doing college kid things. The last of stein nights, may days, late night half off apps, girls nights in my apartment, dancing to silly music with my roommates, radio shows, hope update anchoring, intramurals and of course writing this column.

But you know what? It is time to soak up these last five weeks of the school year. What better way than to complete a mini bucket list? Over the years I would say I got the most out of Hope College but we all have things that we have always wanted to do. Number one on that list for me is actually cooking a meal. Yes I have been on a meal plan the last four years of my college career but I need to cook at least one “real meal” that doesn’t consist of mac and cheese from a cardboard box, right?

Bucket list goal number two; sneak onto the recent “private property” of the bowl sand dune to watch the sunset one last time, without getting a ticket. This is tricky since the “po-po” have cracked down on trespassers. I still don’t understand why the owners of the dunes are so concerned with people trying to enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan. However, if this doesn’t work, bucket list goal number three would be to somehow get to the other side of the pier at Holland state park where Big Red is. Like really, I know no one who has been able to get to that pier.

These all seem simple and easy to achieve, but that just means that I have (for the most part) already achieved the bigger items on my college bucket list. Seniors and even underclassman, let’s finish this semester strong and try to come up with a few things you want to achieve before the end of the semester.

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