How to not set off your fire alarm (again)

There comes a time when your stomach signals you during studying that it’s a good time for some homemade fries. Or, perhaps on the weekend you decide to make a bag of popcorn for company as you delve deeper into Netflix. When you’re exhausted, there really isn’t a quicker fix than a PB&J. Well, that’s all fine and dandy until you’re in another room and a shrill sound begins to fill your living place. Yes, you know it. The fire alarm.

  • The fire alarm has gone off twice within these past couple of weeks at my apartment. I’m hopeful that, despite my running record, we can all avoid it with a little consideration of these facts.
  • Toaster Ovens are pretty much the devil: I’ve grown up in a microwave household since I can remember. It’s always been simple to press the 30-second button, stir/flip and repeat as needed. Toaster ovens are a little more complex than I imagined when my mother brought one over for my household to use this semester. To be safe, just get a microwave, okay?
  • Remember to turn the oven off: Often, when one bakes, one may become incredibly excited with the achievement of creating something from scratch. One may run off to another room after taking out the baked good so that it may cool. One should definitely remember to check whether the oven has been turned off or not.
  • Toast: Enough said, right? I’m a well-done kind of person. There’s no argument on that. So, when I want toast I aim for that crunchy, almost-burnt slab of bread. Let it be known that when it comes to toasting something in college with a toaster oven or a cheap toaster, it can be like roasting marshmallows: sometimes, it’s just going to burn.
  • Reheating random things in your fridge: Everything has its breaking point just like everything has its burning point. When heating or cooking anything, it’s crucial that you be in the kitchen the entire time. It may seem unnecessary, but even boiling water can become a mess quickly!
  • Fries: If you’ve decided to be slightly healthier than the average college student and bake your fries instead of bathing them in a pan of boiling oil, good for you. Just check them constantly unless you prefer your fries charred.
  • Turkey burgers and other frozen meats: I suppose this could count for burgers in general, but does it matter that much? The idea is that when you’re living off of your own food, you might wish to replicate the food you used to eat when it was served at your house or in the dining hall. Well, little do you know that burgers take a heck of a long time to cook. To speed up that process, it is a tendency to turn up the heat. Don’t turn up the heat. Just don’t do it.
  • Fire alarms aren’t too friendly: my fire alarm is located about twelve feet from my stove. Although I appreciate its concern for my safety, I’m really not convinced that it needs to be that close. Perhaps fire alarms at the entrance of the kitchen are more convenient? Still, I am just an English Major so what do I know about design?

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