My two cents on this election

So. The election is a week away. I still don’t know what to do. How did we get stuck with Clinton and Trump as our two most-likely options for president? In my opinion, a person who quite a few people believe should be behind bars and someone who appropriates rape culture are not two people who should be leading this country.

Our country was founded upon the need for freedom, and I don’t see that coming from either candidate. I can see Trump, if anything, treating the office as a tyranny and running our democracy into the ground. With Clinton, I see cover-ups for sketchy decisions when things inevitably turn sour.

I am struck by the fact that I have such a pessimistic view towards our choices. When talking with friends, I can see how passionate everyone is, yet I still have no hope for these two candidates. Some tell me that Clinton is the obvious choice, and I’m tempted to agree purely because she, at least, isn’t Trump. But there is something about her that just doesn’t sit right with me. Yet, I am starting to see that despite that off feeling, anyone is better than Trump.

Family, friends and fellow students, I implore you to think about Trump. Really think about him. He’s a reality TV star and a man who has declared bankruptcy twice. He now is refusing to publish his tax statements. Almost any time he opens his mouth something discriminatory comes out. His plans for various policies he wishes to put in place are flimsy. He isn’t knowledgeable about the world around him or the government in which he hopes to work if he becomes president. He will state an opinion that contradicts a previous opinion of his and deny the fact that he ever stated something different. Um, hello, Trump, we can easily find what you’ve said on the internet and prove that you’re wrong! The media isn’t Snapchat; their articles don’t disappear in 10 seconds. Clinton at least has background in politics and can instill a feeling of security as she makes plans for our country. She at least knows how to control her mouth and not insult everyone she comes into contact with. She at least is consistent with her beliefs.

I’ve heard that a good thing about Trump is the fact that he isn’t a politician, which means he doesn’t have the inherent corrupt nature most (if not all) politicians seem to have. That means he will bring a new perspective to office. Well, that’s what we Michiganders thought when we elected Rick Snyder as governor a few years ago. However, look how well that turned out for Flint, whose citizens had lead in their water this past year. Just because politicians have the reputation of liars doesn’t mean that they all are. It’s hard to appease 318.9 million people.

So please, if you are choosing to vote for Trump, you better have a damn good reason for doing so.

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